How to Model a Conference Homepage

Over the past year, the demand for virtual events has grown tremendously. More companies are willing to hold their events online and having a clear homepage for the event website is essential.

In this article, we are going to showcase how to build a custom type modelling (templates) for your event or conference page in Prismic.

Page structure

Static Fields
Dynamic Zone

The hero banner section consists of a headline, a sub-headline and a CTA button:

  • Image field for the banner
  • Title field with H2 heading
  • Key Text field for the text section of the banner
  • Key Text field for the CTA button label
  • Link field for the CTA
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This section will describe the biography of speakers/hosts of the event.

In the non-repeatable zone:

  • Title field in H2 for the headline

In the repeatable zone:

  • Image field for the speaker's photos
  • Title field in H3 for the speaker's name
  • Rich Text field for the speaker's role and description
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The "Schedule slice" will highlight the upcoming events.

In the non-repeatable zone:

  • Title field for the headline and subheading

In the repeatable zone:

  • Title field for the event's name/date
  • Rich Text field with multiple formatting options for the event's agenda
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The Sponsors' slice will showcase logos of each sponsor or partner for the upcoming event.

In the non-repeatable zone:

  • Title field for the headline of the sponsors section

In the repeatable zone:

  • Image field for company's logos
  • Link field in the URLs to the sponsor's website
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Alternative approach:
Creating a separate repeatable custom type for speakers section, and configuring a content relationship field in the Speaker slice. It would allow you to pick and choose a relevant speaker from the existing list. You can learn how to build a Speakers custom type here.

How to set it up in Prismic

  • Create a new repeatable custom type
  • Copy the JSON below and paste it under the JSON editor of this new custom type

What content editors will see?

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